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Doraemon In The Olympic

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It is one of the toughest and most interesting Doraemon game. He has been chosen to attend the Olympics and represent his people in the game. It is quite funny that he is the only blue cat in the game. The Olympics are in japan and the groups there are very many and also have very mad skills. This game can be played online provide the gadget in use has a flash player. The game is free. Doraemon however has not chosen the game to play. To know which game he wants to play in the Olympics, you must click the Doraemon different before time runs out. There are very many games in the Olympics and so time is of essence in selecting the right game he wants to compete in. The player is expected to win in the game selected. Remember it is in the Olympics and it is all about competition. A lot of skills in the game are therefore needed to succeed in the given game. Someone can play different games from different selections. The player should also have skills in not only one game. Instructions- The only control used in this game is the mouse. A click of the mouse selects a certain game. Clicking should only be done one once. Double clicking will complete another function that can interrupt the continuous progress of the game.

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